POSPUESTO // Próximo Taller en Santiago de Chile: «Data use for decision-making workshop: an Iberoamerican community call»

Fecha: 20-24 abril 2020 [POSPUESTO*]

* Debido a la excepcional situación provocada por el COVID-19, el taller preparatorio virtual se pospone previsiblemente al mes de septiembre y el taller presencial en Chile a la semana del 30 de noviembre al 4 de diciembre. Estas fechas son tentativas y estarán supeditadas a la situación sanitaria local en Chile y en los otros países participantes en el proyecto. Se evaluará la situación de manera mensual y se informará de cualquier reprogramación.

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The apparent gap between GBIF and decision makers, at the national level, reflects a deficiency in the implementation of actions to improve the impact of GBIF-mediated data in the government policy. It is important to improve and strengthen this link, highlighting the importance of evidence-based decision making through the discussion of strategies and the generation of policy-relevant data products.

As part of the Biodiversity Information for Development programme, GBIF has led a series of capacity enhancement workshops on biodiversity data use for decision-making. The adaptation of these workshops to our community and regional needs, will contribute to bridge the gap between GBIF nodes and managers.

To achieve this, we have identified experts within the Spanish-speaking community who can lead and adapt each of the workshop topics. The target audience for these workshops will be people who can have a strategic impact on environmental policies (i.e., representatives of national networks, agencies and NGOs) who also possess an understanding of biodiversity data management and basic computer skills to enable them to apply data use techniques in decision-making.

This proposal is well-aligned with the 2019 GBIF work programme, as it aims to extend the course materials for wider reuse and in different regions (1b Strengthen skills).

The project team will measure the success of the workshop based on post-event participant surveys that evaluating relevance of topics, activities and usability of materials. To monitor long-term impact, we will monitor the participants’ replication of the workshop curriculum (either in part or in whole). While workshop replication lies outside the project’s temporal scope, but the nodes’ encouragement and support of such efforts will serve as an indicator of their success in managing the project.

Financiamiento € 25.000
Co-financiamiento € 42.600
Duración 1 jun. 2019 – 31 may. 2020
Programa Capacity Enhancement Support Programme
Identificador del proyecto CESP2019-005
Financiado por GBIF
Cofinanciado por GBIF Spain GBIF Chile GBIF Argentina VertNet GBIF Peru GBIF Colombia
Socios GBIF Colombia GBIF Argentina GBIF Spain VertNet GBIF Peru

Líder de proyecto GBIF Chile
Detalles del contacto
Leisy Stephanie Amaya Montano

Ministry of the Environment
San Martín #73 Santiago


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